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Nightingale Health is a biotech company aiming to solve the global chronic disease crisis, so that everyone can live a healthier life, in healthier societies.

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We believe that rather than focusing solely on treatment, healthcare should be about keeping people healthy. We develop pioneering solutions that help realise the active prevention of chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes. With our proprietary blood analysis technology, we reveal unique molecular insights that are invisible using standard technologies. This broader visibility allows us to predict the future risk of a person developing a disease. Knowing the risk enables using proactive means to fight diseases before their onset.

Our flock

To push the boundaries of the current health industry, we have united diverse expertise. We're a versatile team of tech, science and business experts, designers, data wranglers and entrepreneurs on a mission to create a new paradigm for health - one that focuses on keeping people healthy.


Teemu Suna

CEO, Founder

Antti Kangas

CTO, Founder

Satu Saksman

COO, Co-founder

Minja Salmio


Peter Würtz

Scientific Director, Founder

Pasi Soininen

Laboratory Director, Founder

Board of directors

Teemu Suna

Chairman of Board


Antti Kangas

Member of Board


Juha Pöysä

Member of Board


Olli Karhi

Member of Board


Juha-Pekka Nuutinen

Member of Board

What's next

Our pioneering analysis services are used globally in multiple applications: world leading science that makes pioneering discoveries for global health, enhancing routine clinical practice and industry R&D, as well as making meaningful strategic decisions for better population health. We’re determined to make our approach to health a global standard. To achieve this, we’re currently expanding our laboratory network across different continents, exploring our platform’s capabilities in new disease areas and creating personalized medicine applications.

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