Insights into human metabolism

Nightingale’s high-throughput metabolomics platform provides comprehensive profiling of blood metabolites.

At the frontline of research

At the frontline of research

Nightingale’s service provides a fine-grained snapshot of systemic metabolism and disease effects. Our technology measures blood biomarkers from multiple biological pathways in a single experiment, providing comprehensive insights into the effects of lifestyle factors, genetics and future disease risk.

Our NMR-based metabolomics platform has been used by academic researchers to improve risk prediction and for biomarker discovery of cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and other disease targets. Nightingale’s comprehensive blood biomarker analysis also supports the study of molecular signatures for risk factors, as well as the effects of dietary and drug interventions.

An innovative blood analysis platform

An innovative blood analysis platform

Nightingale’s metabolomics service makes comprehensive biomarker profiling affordable for biobanks and cohort studies of any scale. Our blood analysis provides metabolic data on over 220 metabolite biomarkers in a single experiment. Amino acids, fatty acids, glycolysis metabolites, and lipoprotein subclasses can be quantified simultaneously, along with routine lipid measures.

Our platform has several advantages in addition to its expanded biomarker panel – it allows for highly stable repeatability of measurements, in absolute concentrations (allowing for meta-analyses) and with no batch effects. High-throughput metabolic profiling can be used to provide sample quality assessments and can scale to any number of samples. Nightingale’s technology has applications in various areas of medicine and has particular relevance in epidemiological research.

Nightingale’s metabolomics platform quantifies 220+ blood biomarkers per sample at a comparable price to routine lipid measurements.

25€ per sample for 10,000 samples

Indicative pricing for academia, prices exclusive of VAT

Used in world-class science

Nightingale’s NMR-based metabolomics platform has been used in over 150 peer-reviewed scientific publications, facilitating research discovery and cost-effectiveness of projects run by world-class universities and medical institutions.


University of Toronto
University of Helsinki
University of Jyväskylä
The School of Public Health at The University of Hong Kong
Open Medicine Institute
Murdoch Children's Research Institute
Clinical Research Services Turku


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