Health Feb 20, 2023

3 ways people are using Livit to boost their health in the long-term

When you get a health check, two important things happen: One, you now know more about your health and can identify early signs of potential challenges to come. Two, you have taken the first step of your journey to lifelong health – making the decision to start improving your wellbeing.

But, once the results are in, what happens next? What should I do now?

Health test results are not a determination of your fate but rather a pivotal indication of where your past lifestyle decisions have led you and how you can change course, if you wish. Remember, the actions you take after finding your results are always far more significant than the results themselves.

Here are the 3 most common paths people take after receiving their Livit by Nightingale Health results, that we’ve identified based on the many customer stories and feedback received from Livit users:

Achiever – enhancing average results, a step at a time

The first path is that of someone who hasn’t been actively looking to improve their health. Let’s call this person Ritva, a 59-year-old woman who, between work and homelife, doesn’t have much time for herself. She’d start new exercise programs every now and then but fall off the wagon when days got busy and progress was often hard to see.

One day, Ritva received Livit by Nightingale Health as a gift from her health-conscious son, and plans to take the test together. Besides, with the age of retirement round the corner, she decides this is the best time to start focusing on preventing diseases such as heart disease and more.

Results: Ritva finds that there are 76 Healthy Years in store for her, which is the average range for women. With pre-results feelings of nervousness wearing off, she decides to focus on improving her Heart Disease Resistance, which too was within the average range.

After results: Like taking the test, what came after, too, is a family affair. Ritva starts playing padel and tennis with her son which increases her weekly activity level in a wholesome way. Moreover, she starts paying more attention to eating regular meals and avoiding skipping meals and snacking unnecessarily, as she had done in the past. Finally, she saves sweet treats for the weekends. Ritva takes a follow-up test after 6 months and is very excited to find that her results are now above the average range.

Striver – turning around challenging results

Next up is the journey of someone who’s lately become more and more aware that their lifestyle is far from healthy. Let’s call him Eemeli, a 36-year-old man. He’s determined to improve things but finds it challenging to adopt new, healthier habits.

Eemeli is intrigued by Livit’s new, insightful and accessible approach to health testing. He believes Livit’s frequent testing option could show the effects of lifestyle changes he makes and motivate him to continue them long-term.

Results: Eemeli’s Healthy Years estimate is 66 which is below the average estimate, 74 years, for a man. However, he is not surprised by the results and decides to use them as a baseline to actively start building on.

After results: Unfazed by challenging results, Eemeli sets a 2 month goal – he, too, will focus on adding more beneficial types of fats to his everyday diet; simultaneously, he will increase his daily activity level and at least take 8000 steps a day. Previous experience has taught Eemeli that big changes are harder to follow through, so, for now he will only make these two changes to his current lifestyle.

Eemeli perseveres for 2 months before taking a second Livit test and is over the moon with the results – he is now on par with the average for his age category! With a new boost of motivation he decided to not only continue these new health habits but also start a more plant-based diet. Moreover, Eemeli will take follow-up tests every 4 months to track the progress and understand how to steer his lifestyle in a healthier direction.

Optimizer – making good results even better

The third path is that of a person, who we’ll call Anna, with a healthy lifestyle and a keen interest in learning more about her health and maintaining it. She’s also curious to know how her health compares to other women of her age, which in her case is 40 years.

That’s when Anna spots Livit – a new type of large population data and blood analysis technology based health test that can be done from the comfort of her home.

Anna is really interested in exploring the connection between her lifestyle and mental health, an area she has been reading about a lot lately. In general, she is a little nervous about getting the test results, mostly because she has never measured the health areas that Livit focuses on.

Results: To Anna’s great relief, the test results are optimal in most areas compared to the average results of a woman her age. She identifies fatty acid levels in blood as the area she’ll focus on in moving forward.

After results: Anna may have started the journey with the aim of maintaining her health. But after receiving interesting and insightful findings, she’s determined to optimize her health even more by tweaking her diet. Anna has added Omega 3 rich food to her weekly meals to improve the fatty acid balance in her blood. In 12 months she will take a followup test to check if and how this change in diet has impacted her overall health.

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