Blood gives direct feedback about your body and health

Blood shows what’s actually happening inside your body. So, whatever health routine you may be following, run an experiment with the My Nightingale blood analysis to see how your body is reacting to it and if your lifestyle is helping you achieve good health.

Many of us already measure our daily activities — track steps, heart rate, sleep, body temperature and so on. A blood analysis goes a level deeper. With blood, you can track the vital processes happening inside your body at a molecular level. So, when you analyse your blood, you measure medically and scientifically recognised health markers (also known as biomarkers) such as cholesterols, sugars, fats, proteins, amino acids and more, which provides the most comprehensive perspective on your body’s wellbeing.

However, what many don’t know is how quickly blood responds to reflect your health. That is, it reflects your daily lifestyle choices — what you eat, how physically active you are, how well you sleep, stress levels and so on. A blood analysis can show how your body responds to a certain diet or exercise routine within a few weeks. So, rather than guessing which health routine is good for your health, you can get direct and objective feedback from your blood to see how it’s reacting to a certain lifestyle choice.

Your blood constantly changes to reflect your everyday lifestyle choices like food, activity, sleep and stress. With regular follow-up tests, you can get constant feedback and actionable data points to improve your health.

Therefore, the My Nightingale Starter package comes with two blood tests: one baseline and a follow-up. Now, rather than relying on intuitions, you can run your own health experiments — have personal baselines, test out what works the best for you and track and improve your health objectively.

Here’s how you can run simple experiments using My Nightingale to get direct health feedback from your blood.

How blood analysis helps you get direct feedback from your body

Maybe you wonder if cutting down on fast food could improve your cholesterol balance or if adding a few more minutes to daily exercise routine could improve your inflammation and blood sugar scores.

Rather than basing your health decisions on your intuitions, you can now leverage the power of blood to get real biological data on how your body reacts to your lifestyle and then try out different health regimes to see which actions are most effective in improving your health.

Inspired to test a health theory?