Tech Aug 19, 2022

Nightingale Health and Mitsui address the rising medical costs in Japan through preventative health

A partnership that gives individuals an early warning of disease risks – and addresses the rising medical costs in Japan through preventative health.

In 2019, Nightingale Health announced a strategic partnership with Mitsui, a Japanese trading, finance, and services giant with a revenue of 122.3 billion USD (2022). The deal included Mitsui investing in Nightingale Health. In 2021, the companies announced a further agreement to sell health and wellness services on the Japanese market.

With the agreement, the parties agreed to start offering services that utilize Nightingale Health’s innovative blood analysis and extensive data assets. Nightingale Health’s technology provides the unique predictive ability to comprehensively identify disease risks which makes it possible to take action to prevent such diseases.

The services are sold by Mitsui’s subsidiary, Welltus. Welltus is building its wellness and prevention platform with the aim to contribute to the creation of a society where people can live healthier lives. Simultaneously, they want to address the national issue of rising medical costs in Japan.

The joint offering provides consumers with information on their current health state and identifies potential risks of developing lifestyle-related diseases, as well as motivates them to take action to reduce the risks. In May 2022, already seven medical clinics in Japan are offering the preventative health service to their customers, and the number of medical clinics is growing constantly.

The collaboration takes advantage of Mitsui’s wide network and business portfolio to create synergy and expand rapidly. The revenue from the services is shared between Nightingale Health and Mitsui.

With the deal, Nightingale Health’s services were integrated into the Japanese health care system. Nightingale Health analyzes the blood samples in its own, recently expanded laboratory in Tokyo. The final green light in the highly regulated environment required extensive verifications, including month-long auditions and tests.

There is increasing demand for preventative health solutions in Japan, and we are pleased to see how well our joint service has been received. It has been clear that Nightingale Health’s unique technology and scientific approach is valued in the Japanese market. We look forward to continuing the expansion together with the Nightingale Health team.

- Yasutaka Yamakawa, President, Mitsui & Co. Ltd

“The Mitsui partnership was our first international operation on a consumer level. The Japanese health market is conservative and probably one of the most difficult to gain a foothold and operate in. The success gives us a lot of confidence in moving forward.”

- Teemu Suna, CEO and Founder, Nightingale Health