Nightingale’s cutting-edge technology

We have developed a blood test that gives a much broader view of a person’s health than a standard blood test. And here’s why it matters.

Scientia potentia est. If knowledge is power, then knowing more gives you more strength. That’s exactly what Nightingale’s revolutionary blood test and health analysis does—it gives you a much more comprehensive health data to help you understand the minutest details about your metabolic health. From a single blood sample, it can reveal a massive amount of information—much more than an ordinary blood test to be precise. Here’s how this broader view helps you understand your health better.

From myopic to a holistic view

This broader view gives a much more holistic picture of a person’s health that’s crucial to understand complex biological functions. Typically, clinics use blood tests to measure a fraction of the molecules present in your blood. This might sound reasonable enough—for example, for many, just finding out if your blood sugar levels are higher or lower than normal might be enough to know whether you’re developing diabetes. However, over time researchers have realised this narrow view gained from routine blood tests is simply not enough. In fact, it’s estimated that around half of all people that suffer a cardiovascular incident (e.g. a heart attack) have normal cholesterol levels when tested by their doctors.

Comprehensive data = better disease prediction

Having a bigger perspective that captures and connects myriads of inter-related health details means better foresight into your future wellbeing. That’s because correct predictions about a person’s health need accurate and detailed biological information. Take, for example, the routine cholesterol tests that detect only 4 to 5 blood-based biomarkers (molecules in the body that indicate disease). They often fail to spot heart diseases before they progress, resulting in serious complications.

Prediction about someone’s heart health would be much more accurate if, rather than just looking at a few cholesterol indicators, the data also captured information about their apolipoprotein ratios, fatty acid balance, GlycA and so on. In fact, tracking more blood-based biomarkers means you can see the smallest changes in a person’s health and be able to flag disease risk much earlier—our data can estimate heart disease and type 2 diabetes risks up to 10 years in advance.

Making health accessible to everyone

So far, such details about a person’s health weren’t available to individuals. Nightingale’s technology makes this information accessible as we are able to extract a large amount of health data from a single blood sample, making this advanced health analysis process affordable. Also, our technology has regulatory approvals in Europe for healthcare use, making it possible for us to share this cutting-edge technology with you. Our big vision is to make this data and technology available for everyone in the world.