What does healthy living mean to you?

Is it being free from illness, maintaining your youthful vigor, sharing a wholesome life with loved ones for longer or all of the above?

Leading a healthy life means something different for everyone. So, what if there was a way to understand how our health will pan out over the years and control its trajectory? Here’s how a breakthrough in predictive health technology is enabling us to do just that – and much more.

Measuring your overall health just got simpler

The current self-monitoring trend fundamentally transforms how we view our bodies. By measuring ourselves, we wish to take responsibility for our wellbeing in many ways. The options are endless: we can monitor everything from our sleeping habits to our blood sugar levels, and identify our DNA makeup and underlying health risks.

Healthy Years, Nightingale Health’s preventative health metric, efficiently measures the state of our overall health. It provides you with an estimate of the number of years you have in store before being more prone to illnesses that can significantly reduce your quality of life. This estimate is also compared against others who are the same age and sex as you, so you further understand how you are doing compared to the average person.

Courtesy of Nightingale Health’s blood analysis technology, you can get your Healthy Years estimate from a single finger-prick blood sample that you can take at home using a sample collection kit. The outcome is delivered straight to your fingertips via the Livit by Nightingale Health app. The app doesn’t simply showcase typical blood test results without explanations but interprets what your test results mean for your overall health.

The best part? The lifestyle changes you make are quickly visible in your health results, so tracking progress is straightforward and motivating. You can determine over and over again, how far you choose to aim with your Healthy Years estimate.

How we estimate your Healthy Years

In short, it’s all about combining large-scale amounts of data with cutting-edge health technology. We’ve been analyzing hundreds and thousands of blood samples from biobanks for over a decade. This includes comparing the long-term health developments of the sample donors to find the common factors shared by those who were healthy at the time but fell ill during the follow-up period. Armed with this knowledge, we developed proprietary algorithms that can identify people who may be prone to diseases in the next 10 years.

Our blood-testing technology is able to predict your body’s ability to fight off a wide variety of diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, depression and anxiety, as well as severe infections. Then, it takes a step forward to draw a scientific connection among these multiple health and disease outcomes to predict the number of Healthy Years you are likely to lead.

I have an estimate of my Healthy Years. What’s next?

When it comes to health, prevention is always smarter – and cheaper – than treatment.

Did you brush your teeth this morning? Off to a great start.

Wore a seatbelt on your way to work? Hopefully.

Feeling a bit sunburnt? Should have worn sunscreen!

There are many preventative health decisions we make every day without even fully realizing. On top of that, we also take proactive measures such as exercising, eating a balanced diet, meditating and going for regular health checkups. By understanding our specific health risks, we can make small but specific, targeted changes to our lifestyles today, which are also likely to become habits over time – habits that significantly improve our future health for the better.

How many Healthy Years do you think you might currently have, based on your lifestyle?

How many would you like to have?

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