Tech Aug 23, 2022

Terveystalo uses Nightingale Pro to offer a service combining blood test results and well-being programs

The Finnish health giant Terveystalo takes advantage of our advanced preventive health technology to rapidly expand to the growing market of healthy people.

In 2021, we signed a strategic partnership with Terveystalo, Finland’s largest private health service provider employing more than 13 000 professionals in 300 locations around the country.

The deal gives Terveystalo’s more than 1.2 million customers access to our next-generation blood analysis technology. The venture also gives Terveystalo early access to the growing market of health-conscious individuals willing to invest in their well-being. It also creates upsell and cross-sell potential and improves current customers' satisfaction.

The service, offered as an annual well-being membership, allows people to not just measure their current health, but predict their future health and to take action towards better lifestyle choices, thus giving the possibility to better prevent lifestyle diseases. The annual package includes regular blood sample measurements and digital weekly programs that encourage healthy choices.

From each blood sample, drawn at Terveystalo’s premises, sent to Nightingale Health’s central laboratory and analyzed by us, we provide a comprehensive set of results, including one summarizing health score, multiple health indicators covering different areas of health as well as individual blood values. The blood test results are supported with personalized insights for sleep, physical activity, recovery, and nutrition by Terveystalo’s health experts.

The results are delivered under Terveystalo’s brand through their own mobile app experience. With Nightingale Health, Terveystalo can strengthen their brand position as innovative forerunners of the industry and users of the latest medical technology.

“Health and well-being are a global megatrend. Nightingale Health’s advanced technology offers a cost-efficient way to analyze samples and integrate the results into our own platform through the HL7 interface. The partnership helps us build and sustain a first-mover advantage in the preventive health market and serve our current customers better. Additionally, it expands the tool kit our lifestyle doctors have, giving them actionable ways to support their customers.”

- Petri Bono, Chief Medical Officer, Terveystalo

“People are becoming more and more interested in utilizing measured data about their health. That is why we want to better meet the needs of health-conscious consumers. We have combined Nightingale Health's unique blood analysis technology and the health information platform they have developed with Terveystalo's comprehensive health and well-being services. We think well-being belongs to everyone and requires constant care and commitment. Together with Nightingale Health we are offering something unique for the market that is really focusing on prevention and empowering individuals”.

-Veera Siivonen, Senior Vice President of Consumer Business, Terveystalo