Health Oct 27, 2022

Thinking of making a lifestyle change for better health? Regular health tracking can help

What are the daily routines you follow?

Your everyday lifestyle is likely made up of a whole variety of habits that you hardly notice anymore. To name a few, you probably go to bed and wake up around the same time, enjoy a take away meal over the weekends, spend some time sitting behind a desk, and so on. Have you ever wondered which of these habits boost or harm your health?

To understand the impact of the different routines you follow, it’s important to both measure and continuously track how they affect your overall health. This is where blood tests come in.

“A blood test?”, you ask. Why not turn to one of the many smart wearables available today which can track heart rate, sleep quality or several other standalone health functions? Or simply rely on scales and mirrors to follow the metamorphosis the body is going through?

To get a more in-depth and comprehensive picture of your health you need a much more effective health tracker – and nothing beats the one running through your veins.

With Livit by Nightingale Health you can get a precise, personalized and scientific overview of your health based on an at-home, finger-prick, blood sample analysis. By using Livit to continuously track your health, you can get objective feedback on your current health status, ways you can improve your future health, and the impact of your health routines and lifestyle changes.

“How often should I take a Livit by Nightingale Health test?”

This is one of the most common questions we receive, and the answer depends on your health profile and goals. Here are 3 timelines to help you decide what fits you the most:

Test every 6 months: To maintain your health

If you want to get to know the big picture of your health right now, ensure you’re on the right health track, and prevent diseases and their severe consequences, this bi-anual health checkup is for you.

You can get an objective indication of how things are short-term and also use the insights to know which health areas need long-term focus. Moreover, you can explore how a big life event, such as a new job that increases stress and shortens sleep cycles, is affecting your health, and make sure there are no looming health risks with your existing lifestyle.

Test every 4 months: To boost your health

This checkup frequency is for those who want to actively improve their health and stay motivated.

If you are planning to boost your overall health through lifestyle changes, such as improving your diet, exercise routine or sleeping habits, any signs of improvements could take longer to show on the outside. But with blood test results you can see even the smallest improvements and even tweak a particular Blood Test Contributor such as your Dietary Fatty Acids level.

Test every 3 months: To optimize your health

If you are trying and testing health hacks, closely monitoring your progress and fully committed to transforming your health – this follow up health test routine is right up your alley.

Do you often experiment with popular health trends such as Keto diets or intermittent fasting? Ideally, to understand how your body is reacting to these new methods you need to get quick feedback. This quarterly plan allows you to track the effects of short-term lifestyle interventions and use those insights to optimize your physical health and performance.


Find out how your everyday routines are affecting your health. Download the Livit by Nightingale Health app today.

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