User story: With My Nightingale, Eetu is objectively tracking the effects of his lifestyle on his health

The 30-year-old took his first My Nightingale blood test in February 2020 and realised that his lifestyle needed some changes. Four months and a few simple daily routine tweaks later, all his scores are now in green and looking good. Here’s how it happened:

“It’s a great feeling to be able to objectively measure and see how my new spring lifestyle affected my body,” says Eetu who just took his free follow-up test and saw a drastic improvement in his health numbers under four months.

Eetu works as a Customer Success Manager at Nightingale and was among the first to take the test in early February when Nightingale rolled-out the service in Helsinki. “On receiving my first measurements, I realised that my pizza- and cheese-centric lifestyle wasn’t quite optimal for heart health. My cholesterol and low-grade inflammation numbers were elevated, and the fatty acid balance didn’t look good either,” tells Eetu.

“Even though I am only 30 years old, I know that now is the time to pay attention to what I eat if I want to avoid taking cholesterol drugs when I'm middle-aged,” he adds.

Eetu’s Spring Project

To course-correct, in March, Eetu bought a fillari (the colloquial word for a bicycle in Finland) and started jogging occasionally. “I did not give up cheese (not even going to - for my mental wellbeing!), but I have reduced my butter and meat intake. Also, remote-working forced by the COVID-19 situation made it possible to take guitar breaks in the middle of the day, and a break from the carpenter evening studies reduced the physical strain of weekdays,” says Eetu. These are the small (but effective) changes that helped him improve his health over this spring.

“I took the follow-up test last week, and I couldn’t be prouder. Plus, it didn’t even require very radical changes!” admits Eetu. His low-grade inflammatory condition and fatty acid balance have improved tremendously, and even the cholesterol numbers are back on the right track.

I took the follow-up test last week and I couldn’t be prouder. Plus, it didn’t even require very radical changes!

Eetu, 30-year-old Customer Success Manager

What Eetu plans to do next

“Now, I know that my lifestyle changes are working and helping my health go in the right direction. After the summer, the next follow-up test would be to see the effect of the summer holidays,” Eetu shares. He plans to follow up on his health numbers every three to four months to see if he's able to get all his results to “excellent", without compromising his love for cheese.

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