User story: Matti took the My Nightingale test to be able to prevent future illnesses

The My Nightingale test results estimate a person’s future disease risk, which helps Matti stay healthy in the long run.

“When you start feeling what it means to get older, you also start thinking about what kind of body you want to live in for the rest of your life,” says Matti, one of our first users who took the blood test earlier this year in February.

Getting his results from My Nightingale made the abstract concept of health understandable and concrete for him — some of the long-term disease risk results caught Matti’s attention.

Predict to prevent future illness

Apart from showing you 20+ different health results, including your personalised health index score, 6 health indicators numbers, and 17 different biomarkers results, My Nightingale also predicts your risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes up to 10 years in advance.

The two disease-risk estimates are embedded under the two indicator results — heart age and diabetes resistance — help you get a long-term perspective of where your health is headed so that you can take corrective steps on time and prevent future illnesses.

Matti’s Next Step

“My everyday life isn’t very active. So, I had to consciously correct it. I’ve started going for walks regularly. Also, Friday mornings are now reserved for badminton with the colleagues. My game is terrible, but they’re very forgiving,” he laughs.

He has scheduled his follow-up test later this year and is eager to see if the lifestyle changes show positive results.

Interested in knowing how well-protected you are against future diseases?