User story: With My Nightingale, Mika is able to closely monitor his health interventions

The 37-year-old ex-athlete was looking for a fact-based health monitoring tool that helps him track the exact changes happening inside his body. Here’s how he used My Nightingale to measure his latest health intervention outcomes.

Mika believes in measuring and basing his decisions on facts. And having been a professional athlete, he appreciates accuracy and objectivity in numbers.

Therefore, his intentions behind taking the My Nightingale test were obvious –– a science-backed health monitoring tool that shows him the exact changes happening inside his body.

“I was trying out a six-week ketogenic diet intervention and wanted to get objective data to measure how it would affect my body,” says Mika.

“My Nightingale was just the right tool for it as it takes health data from my blood and shows what’s really happening inside my body – even the smallest changes get reflected,” he adds.

Since all My Nightingale packages include a free follow-up test, Mika decided to take a baseline test. Then, come back after the 6-weeks of keto diet intervention to see how the new diet changed his health results.

I was amazed to see how the Nightingale Health Index and other health indicators immediately gave a clear overview of my general health. Also, it was obvious which results I should focus on and how to improve them.


37-year-old ex-athlete

Beginning from baseline

Even though Mika tracks his health quite regularly, he was positively surprised on receiving his baseline test results.

“The results came in really fast, in a couple of days. When I opened the app, I was amazed to see how the Nightingale Health Index and other health indicators immediately gave a clear overview of my general health,” says Mika. “The app has a clean interface, and the results are presented as scores. This makes it really simple to interpret the results. Since I’ve measured my blood regularly in the past, I was also interested in discovering the individual blood values like cholesterols, triglycerides, glucose, omegas and such,” he says.

Another thing that caught Mika’s attention is how easy the app makes it to spot which area of his health needs attention and gives actionable advice on how they can be improved. “Usually, blood tests give a series of medical values, but it’s never quite clear if something needs to be done about them. On the Nightingale app, it was obvious which results I should focus on and how to improve them,” says Mika

Reaching the finish line

After the 6-week keto diet intervention, when Mika took the follow-up test, the results were very encouraging. His inflammation level had gone down by 6 points, and cholesterol results improved quite a bit as well. Mika already had a Heart Age younger than his actual age during the baseline test. Even that improved slightly more after the intervention. So, the diet change was quite a success.

However, that said, Mika says, “This was a test-diet, and I just wanted to see if it works or not. It can be a temporary functional change if you want to lose weight or get rid of cravings. But I won’t continue it in the long run, since I exercise heavily and felt some fatigue at times.”

What Mika plans to do next

“If I hadn’t done the keto intervention, I would’ve kept a longer gap between the baseline and follow-up tests,” says Mika.

But as competitive as an athlete’s ways usually are, Mika wants to keep improving. “Measuring is motivating and what gets measured tends to improve too,” he says.

Mika plans to keep making tweaks to his lifestyle and habits and continue to monitor his improvement based on objective data.

For those who aren’t hardcore health hackers, Mika says, “I will recommend this to my family members too. I think it’s beneficial for everyone to do these tests 1-2 times a year to see the wellbeing of their body.”

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