How Petteri took his health from "Good" to "Excellent" in just a few months

A self-confessed biohacker, Petteri takes extremely good care of his health. But My Nightingale’s detailed insights showed him even more ways to optimise his health.

When you really understand what’s going on inside your body, it is usually easy to figure out how you can improve it. That’s exactly what happened in our chief of security, Petteri Arola’s case.

A self-confessed biohacker, 50-year-old Petteri was among the first users of My Nightingale service. And his baseline results showed that he’s taking good care of himself.

Petteri’s Nightingale Health Index was 88 (out of 100), and all his health indicator numbers were green too.

However, looking at the detailed app data, Petteri figured he could easily improve his health even further. All Petteri did was make a few tweaks to his exercise routine, and he was able to get his Health Index from Good (88) to the golden standard (93) in under 6 months. His cholesterol and inflammation results also improved from 87 and 84 to 94 and 88, respectively.

Truly understand and improve your health

A small blood sample contains numerous data points related to multiple aspects of your health. Leveraging this power of blood, My Nightingale gives you a detailed low-down on your current health status in easy-to-understand score format.

The app breaks down your health into a personalised health index, 6 health indicators and 17 biomarkers that make it super easy to track different areas of your health all at once. Plus, you receive research-based insights into how you can improve each of these areas. With the free follow-up test, you can then easily track and see the progress you make.

Petteri’s Next Step

“Now I feel even more motivated to keep these healthy habits and find some more ways to improve and optimise my health,” he says. Petteri’s plans to do regular follow-ups and test out all his biohacking health theories using My Nightingale.

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