User story: Taru is using My Nightingale to get the most objective health status check

The 63-year-old retiree has upheld a healthy lifestyle for decades. The My Nightingale test finally gave her some concrete proof of it — her true health numbers.

Even after retiring, Taru’s weekly routine includes at least three different kinds of physical activities. “Even during the winters, I do different kinds of physical exercises like pilates, spinning, strength training and aerobics. So, you can say that I regularly test my physical fitness. However, I never had any real proof if this lifestyle is really helping my body stay healthy in the long run,” she explains.

So, when her son gifted her the My Nightingale blood test as a Christmas present, Taru was excited to know her real health numbers finally. “My Nightingale blood test results gave me the proof I was looking for — objective biological data to measure my real health,” she says.

And the results pleasantly surprised her. She has a health index score of 91 (out of 100).

Since a small blood sample contains numerous data points (the My Nightingale blood test and app gives over 20 different health results), it helped Taru check multiple aspects of her health with just one blood test. “My heart health and diabetes-resistance-related biomarkers show good results. However, under the fatty acid balance, I could improve my omega-3 levels, which I’ll now focus on improving,” Taru adds.

Taru’s Next Step

She plans to take her follow-up test in the next 8 to 10 months. She wants to ensure that all her health results stay good and follow-up on her new omega-rich diet to see if it improves the results even further.

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