User story: Ville uses My Nightingale to get objective feedback on his progress and to stay motivated

The 55-year-old says that he has been on-and-off weight-loss regimes for around 30-years or so. “My Nightingale blood test is exactly what I was searching for — an objective health tracking tool to stay motivated...on the right path.” 

Ville, our Principal Solutions Architect, has been trying to manage his weight for a long time. “I obviously know I should do something, and I have started doing things many times. But to be able to continue over a long period of time — that requires all the motivation and support you can find,” he admits.  

Ville wanted a health tool to see even the smallest improvements in health — so that he can track the tiny victories that help him stay motivated and stick to his health routines.  

My Nightingale was the perfect solution for him: since blood values constantly change (within weeks) to reflect your everyday lifestyle — your diet, physical activity, sleep, stress — even micro-changes get reflected in the blood. So, with regular follow-up, you get feedback that helps you stay motivated to improve your health.  

Ville’s Next Steps

He now plans to make some specific diet and exercise changes: eat oats porridge with blueberries for breakfast, move towards a more vegetable- and fish-based diet, walk twice a day with the dog and engage in heavier exercises (like mountain biking) 2 to 3 times a week.  

Since the signs of improvements might take longer to reflect on the outside, Ville is counting on his blood results for motivation, as they can objectively reflect the progress he is making. “Most of the people already know that they need to take care of their health. I feel, My Nightingale’s biggest benefit is that it can be a source of constant motivation,” he adds. 

Want to track the smallest improvements (& victories) to stay motivated on your health journey?