Why take the My Nightingale blood test

Most people associate blood tests with illness. However, My Nightingale isn’t your ordinary lab test. It’s a tool that helps you stay healthy.

My Nightingale is not for diagnosing illness. It’s the opposite — it’s a tool that helps you stay healthy by tracking the health data from your blood.

The blood test and app use advanced technology to give you over 20 different results from a single blood sample — that is way more than a standard lab test, which gives only a few health results. Here’s what the My Nightingale blood test can help you do.

Blood tells your true health status

When it comes to health, what appears in the mirror might not always be real. One might think they have average health and get surprisingly good results. Conversely, a presumably healthy-looking person can be diagnosed with illnesses. However, your blood always tells the truth about your health, no matter what your outward appearances may be. In fact, it is one of the most scientific and medically validated ways to get information about your health. There are thousands of research papers that provide strong evidence on how blood can accurately measure a person’s health status.

From a single blood sample, My Nightingale analyses a wide range of data and then turns them into easy-to-understand health results, so that you can see your true health status.

Prevent diseases

Health tests usually give you binary answers — either you are sick or not. However, that’s not how your body works. The real health scale goes from ‘good health’ to ‘illness’ but has many more gradients in between. My Nightingale test results show all these gradients of your health so that you can course-correct — take actions well in time and prevent diseases.

Get unique personal feedback to track health

“Try yoga! Switch to Keto! Sleep for at least 8 hours!” There’s no lack of generic wellness advice. But how do you know if they work for you or not? After all, everyone is built differently. What does wonders for someone, might not suit you. With My Nightingale, you can test it out. The health insights are based on your own blood — as personalised as data can get — giving real information on how molecules inside your body react to a certain lifestyle change, and track if it’s actually improving your health or not.

Stay motivated

Like we said above, blood reflects your health much before the rest of your body does. Your outward appearances might not change, but your blood test results will reflect even the smallest improvements sometimes within just a few weeks. This objective feedback can act as a genuine source of motivation to stay on the right path.

To summarise, the My Nightingale blood test is your guide to staying healthy, always.