Nightingale for business

Nightingale helps detect individuals with preventive health needs and connects them with health service providers for early disease prevention.

Connecting individuals to preventive health services

Nightingale partners with the health industry by connecting individuals to health services. This leads to personalised and preventive care that benefits both the health industry and the individual. Nightingale's comprehensive health results detect a wide array of health risks that can be used to build the best targeted approach for each individual.

Benefits of partnering with Nightingale

Expand offering to serve customers who want to prevent diseases.

Increase customer satisfaction by offering targeted and personalised care.

Receive new customers interested to improve their health and wellbeing.

How it works

1. Send sample

Customer sample is sent to Nightingale’s laboratory from existing blood drawing workflow.

2. Blood analysis and results release

Blood sample is analysed and Nightingale provides unique preventive health analysis to each customer.

3. Connecting individual to partner's offering

Nightingale's app gives an overview of personal health and presents partner’s offering according to the health needs of each individual.


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