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My Nightingale blood analysis and app is the ultimate health tracking tool for your employees to get a detailed view of their health along with actionable insights to elevate everyday wellbeing and prevent illnesses.

Introducing My Nightingale

My Nightingale blood test and app summarises your health into a single personalised health score, which is further broken down into 6 health indicators and 17 biomarkers that make it easy to track how all big and small lifestyle changes affect your body.

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Ultimate health tracking tool for your employees

Modern workforces are increasingly aware of the importance of health and wellbeing. Put your company at the forefront by supporting your employees. My Nightingale offers the perfect tool for tracking and improving their everyday health and also prevent future illnesses, such as heart diseases and type 2 diabetes.

Empower your team with the most comprehensive health data

From a single blood sample, My Nightingale empowers your employees with the most relevant health data and summarises them into easy-to-understand scores. It reveals multiple aspects of health and enables them to proactively improve their wellbeing and prevent future illness by making the right lifestyle choices.

The benefits of My Nightingale analysis

Reaktor employees discovering new aspects of their health

Reaktor, a leading tech consultancy in Finland, gifted the My Nightingale Starter package to their 400+ employees. Nightingale organised an onsite blood draw at their HQ in Helsinki and the results were delivered to all within a day through the My Nightingale app.

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Get Started with My Nightingale for your team

Supercharge your employees’ wellbeing in just five steps, beginning with the Starter package.

Starter package 79€

The package includes two tests per person: baseline and free follow-up. Blood sample can be taken at Nightingale Nest Helsinki or on on-site. Results are delivered via the My Nightingale App.

How it works

1. Choose a package

We currently offer the two-test Starter package (details above). More options coming soon.

2. Pick a location

Nightingale Nest Helsinki

Employees can visit the Nightingale Nest to give a blood sample at their convenience. It takes a couple of minutes and they can enjoy a complimentary breakfast after.

On-site blood draw

Busy schedules are not a problem. In an on-site blood draw, Nightingale Nest comes to your office and your employees can have their blood drawn while taking a break from their daily work.

3. Blood draw

We take care of all the practicalities—including all necessary communications related to the blood-draw, the onboarding process and doing the tests. Whether it’s on-site or at Nightingale Nest, your team is in good hands.

4. Get results on the My Nightingale App

From heart age, inflammation score to fatty acid balance and diabetes resistance, the employees discover multiple aspects of their health. They also get tips on how each of these health parameters can be improved by making simple tweaks to their daily routines such as diet, exercise, sleep and more.

5. Take action and follow up

What gets measured, gets managed. Employees can make adjustments to their lifestyles in between the tests. The follow-up analysis will show how these big or small changes have improved their health and support them in taking their next steps towards a healthy life.


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