For healthcare

Making preventative healthcare a reality with reliable risk prediction for chronic diseases. Years in advance with just one blood sample.

Tackling chronic diseases before they develop

80% of chronic conditions can be prevented before they develop into severe illnesses. We shift the focus from treating chronic diseases to preventing them and enable healthcare that puts the continued wellbeing of individuals at the centre.

More efficient care

With the systems that are in place today, chronic diseases are detected too late. Nightingale's service helps identify and effectively treat patients according to their individual chronic disease risk up to 10 years before disease onset. We provide the tools necessary for assessing treatment efficacy and delivering personalised care. In addition to risk prediction scores, the service also includes traditional biomarkers such as lipid and glucose values.

Founded on scientific excellence

Nightingale’s risk prediction service is built on our award-winning, blood testing technology that has been used in over 250 peer-reviewed scientific papers.

Tailored for clinical needs

Based on a regular blood sample, Nightingale’s risk prediction service is built for effortless integration into existing clinical processes. Adhering to the highest clinical laboratory standards ensures accurate measurements and reliable risk prediction results.

Better prevention outcomes for type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease

Nightingale’s risk prediction service enhances existing preventive healthcare schemes by enabling early identification, targeted interventions, and effective follow-up checks.

Find out current risk level

Our risk prediction scores allow you to identify individuals at risk of developing type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease years in advance.

Create a plan for better health outcomes

Our detailed health status reports allow you to effectively target high-risk patients before the disease onset on an individual and population level.

Measure intervention success

Continuous risk measurements allow you to establish a more robust basis for assessing the efficacy of treatment and lifestyle interventions over time.


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