How it works
My Nightingale blood test and app provide personalised and comprehensive health data based on your blood, so that you can understand how your lifestyle affects your body.
Step 1
Take the revolutionary blood test
Visit Nightingale Nest for a convenient and rewarding blood drawing experience.
Currently available in Helsinki, but expanding to more locations soon.
Step 2
See results on the My Nightingale app
Discover multiple aspects of your health, from fatty acid balance to inflammation, and learn which areas to focus on.
Read more on what's in the app →
Step 3
Follow progress over time
Regular follow-ups tell you which lifestyle choices are most beneficial and lead to good health.
Pricing and packages
All our packages include more than one blood test so that you can always follow up.
Starter package
See how your lifestyle choices affect your health.
  • Includes 2 blood tests: baseline and follow-up
  • Blood draw at Nightingale Nest Helsinki
  • Results delivered via My Nightingale app (available on App store
    and Google Play from 30 January onwards)
79 €
Limited time offer
Subscriptions coming soon
Stay on the right path by regularly following up on your health.
  • Blood test 2 times per year
  • Billed annually
89 €
Coming soon
Frequent feedback to help you find and stick with your optimal lifestyle.
  • Blood test 3 times per year
  • Billed annually
109 €
Coming soon
Get quick answers on how your actions affect your performance.
  • Blood test 4 times per year
  • Billed annually
129 €
Coming soon