CEO's greetings

Welcome to the journey towards an era of smarter, more predictive health. The destination of our journey is a world in which technological breakthroughs have enabled a longer, healthier life – for everyone. The road ahead is a demanding one, but we at Nightingale have proceeded on it determinedly for years.

Nightingale’s listing on the First North marketplace of Nasdaq Helsinki in March 2021 and our first quarter as a listed company made the concluded financial period special. The listing process gave us an excellent opportunity to hear valuable feedback from hundreds of stakeholders on our technology as well as our business.

The discussions brought up repeatedly the most important raw material of technology companies in the 21st century: data. Extensive high-quality data is the most critical material of applications based on AI, such as self-driving cars, industrial automation, space technology, many environmental technology innovations – and of course, medical development. Development is made by analysing data. Therefore, data defines the competitive advantage of companies in a central way.

In medicine, the most extensive and highest-quality data is received by examining the functioning of the human body beneath the surface through biotechnological methods. For example, measuring blood samples with advanced biotechnological methods provides data and analysing it can lead to medical breakthroughs. The uniqueness of Nightingale’s blood analysis technology is based on its exceptional ability to produce extensive high-quality medical data from each blood sample we measure, at low cost. Our technology is thus an advanced biotechnological machine that can multiply the amount of data measured from routine blood samples dozens of times over.

Today, the most typical blood tests carried out by healthcare providers to map lifestyle diseases include 1 to 5 results, or data points, per test. Nightingale’s blood test includes 250 data points for each test. Due to the enormous difference in scale, even the current volume of our operations exceeds 50 million data points per year – enough to surpass the amount of data that the entire health care system of a small European country produces from lifestyle disease blood tests using existing technology.

This creates a basis for a new way of looking after health. Shifting the focus from passively waiting for medical events to active and predictive identification and prevention of medical events is possible with extensive high-quality data. Data-driven, predictive action is a superior strategy, when the goal is to increase the number of healthy years and improve quality of life.

Sustainable development of healthcare calls for better tools that can be used by healthcare players as well as individuals. Nightingale’s blood testing technology is globally unique and ready for commercial production and use. The functionality of the technology has been very widely validated in more than three hundred scientific peer-reviewed publications, and it has passed strict European regulatory requirements for medical devices.

We at Nightingale are extremely motivated and determined as we continue our journey towards a world in which advanced tools for a longer, healthier life are available for everyone.

Teemu Suna
Founder, Chief Executive Officer