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Urine sample analysis

Sample analysis

Is there a minimum sample number required?

The minimum number of samples invoiced is 94, but of course, we also accept projects with smaller sample numbers. However, any project with less than 94 samples will come with this minimum cost.

What happens to the samples after they have arrived in your lab?

Once we receive the shipment, it's condition is inspected, and the samples are transferred in to a -80°C freezer. Before sample preparation for NMR measurement, frozen samples are slowly thawed at +4°C overnight, and then mixed gently and centrifuged to remove possible precipitate. Aliquots of each sample are transferred NMR tubes and mixed with a phosphate buffer. Please see our publications for more details on this.

How do you handle larger volumes?

It is perfectly fine to send larger aliquot volumes than required by our protocol. In that case, we will only take the required volume out and either ship the remaining sample material back at your own costs or destroy it as per your request.

What happens if there is not enough sample volume?

In that case we may not be able to provide results for that sample. Therefore, we strongly encourage our customers to make sure that there is at least 550 mL sample material available.

Does Nightingale have any quality control in place?

As part of our quality assurance activities, our quality control procedures monitor for various sample irregularities and signs of sample degradation. In addition, sample preparation and measurement quality are constantly

monitored as described in our Quality Management System (certified according to EN ISO 13485 standard), for example, with control samples.

How many times do you run the same sample?

Due to the very high reproducibility and repeatability of NMR analysis there is no need for running one sample more than one time.

What happens with the remaining sample material? Can we receive it back?

It is of course possible to receive the RSM back at your own expense. In case there is no need for you to receive it back, we will destroy it.

How do your results compare to clinical chemistry?

There is only a very small overlap between clinically used urinary markers and Nightingale’s metabolic biomarkers, such as glucose, creatinine, ketone bodies or urea. For these markers though, we have seen very high consistency between the two methods, which our customers have confirmed as well.

Do you have any references or cohorts, which have used your panel already?

Please see this blog post containing interviews with our pioneering urine analysis customers.