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Livit provides meaningful health results that allow you to take control of your future health.

Fast-forward to the future of your health.

Livit provides a prediction of your Healthy Years, the estimated age you are expected to live to before falling ill from any of the top 10 diseases that significantly reduce the quality of life. Additionally, it provides a view into the wellbeing of your Heart, Mind, Immunity, and Metabolism.

Take your health into your hands today.

How it works

1. Download app and order blood sampling kit

Download Livit by Nightingale Health for free and order your first Livit Blood Collection Kit.

2. Take a blood sample and mail it for analysis

Take a finger-prick blood sample at home and mail it to us for analysis with our highly advanced blood analysis technology.

3. Explore health metrics and track progress

Gain unique insights into your health, including an estimate of your Healthy Years. Re-test later to track your progress.

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The results

Healthy Years

Healthy Years is the estimated age you are likely to live to before getting a disease that significantly reduces your quality of life. Up to 80 % of the most common diseases can be prevented by making healthier choices in your daily life.

Among the people we’ve tested, the average female lives 78 Healthy Years and the average male 74. However, people with the unhealthiest lifestyle are expected to have up to 20 Healthy Years fewer than average – and people with the healthiest lifestyle up to 20 Healthy Years more than average. The difference can add up to 40 Healthy Years.

Whether you make changes to your diet, exercise, sleep, or stress levels, Healthy Years will work as your guide to your future health.


Improve heart health and minimize the risk for heart diseases with our unique results.

Heart Age – Your current heart health compared to your actual age.

Heart Disease Resistance – Your body's ability to avoid heart disease in the long run compared to people like you.


Mental Resilience shows you your ability to avoid severe depression and anxiety in the long run compared to people like you.


Strengthen your immune system with the help of our metrics.

Immune Age – Your current level of immunity compared to your actual age.

Immune Resilience – Your body’s ability to fight off a severe infection compared to people like you.


Diabetes Resistance tells about your body’s ability to avoid type 2 diabetes in the long run compared to people like you.


Blood Test Contributors are used to calculate your health results.

The Blood Test Contributors are Cholesterol Balance, Fatty Acid Balance, Dietary Fatty Acids, Low-grade Inflammation, and Metabolic Efficiency.

Health Plans

Stay on track of the well-being of your body and mind and discover ways to add more Healthy Years into your life. All plans include the same comprehensive set of results.


For those who want a one-time view of their health, with no-follow up

1 sample collection kit, delivered after purchase



For those who want to get a picture of their current state of health and follow up after half a year.

2 sample collection kits, delivered 6 months apart



For those who want to actively improve their health and follow up three times over the year.

3 sample collection kits, delivered every 4 months.



For those who want to commit to transforming their health and follow up on their progress four times a year.

4 sample collection kits, delivered every 3 months.


Download the Livit app to purchase a health plan

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