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My Nightingale provides personalised and comprehensive health data based on your blood, so that you understand how your lifestyle affects your body.

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Visit Nightingale Nest for a convenient and rewarding blood drawing experience. Currently available in Helsinki, opening in more locations soon.

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Discover multiple aspects of your health and know which areas to focus on.

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Follow progress over time

Your health is not static. Regular follow-ups tell you which lifestyle choices are most beneficial and lead to good health.

WHAT’S Included in the blood test

Most comprehensive health data

Leveraging the power of blood, My Nightingale provides you with a three-tier health tracking system which includes — the Nightingale Health Index, six health indicators and various biomarkers — to track your metabolic health.

Pricing and packages

All our packages include more than one blood test so that you can always follow-up.

Get the starter package for 79€

Includes 2 blood tests: baseline and follow-up. Blood draw takes place at Nightingale Nest Helsinki. Results are delivered via My Nightingale app.

Available soon

Annual subscriptions to follow your health on a regular basis. Stay tuned.

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Take the revolutionary blood test. Currently available in Helsinki, in more locations soon.