Entrepreneurs making the world a better place

We celebrated World Entrepreneurs Day with budding entrepreneurs from Aalto University & our co-founder, Antti Kangas, who picked each others’ brain on the “role of startups in this big big world”.

Happy World Entrepreneur's Day, everyone!

Although we are not exactly a startup anymore, we still haven’t lost our adventurous, curious and passionate entrepreneurial spirit. And so, to celebrate this day, we raised a toast with the budding entrepreneurs of the Aalto University Ventures Program. 

In a workshop organised at our Helsinki office, the students and our co-founder, Antti Kangas, picked each others’ brain on the role of entrepreneurs in this big big world. Along with the workshop challenge, there was also a deep discussion on how innovations can bring positive change to society. 

Sera Remes, who studies architecture, design & entrepreneurship and was one of the fellows attending the workshop said, “The key to improving things in this world is by questioning existing structures and trying to find new solutions. As a designer, I want to have a positive impact on things and it was clear that this is what drives Nightingale forward as well. The challenge of the workshop was interesting too, and it was nice to have an open discussion with the people who are working on the things our ideation was built around.”

Juhana Peltomaa, a master’s student at Aalto University who also attended the workshop, feels “being entrepreneurial and having a bias-for-action state of mind enables one to create value around them.” His biggest takeaway from the day? He says what struck him the most was “how the founders at Nightingale turned their passion for research into a tremendous business opportunity that improves the lives of people all around the world.” “Having genuine goodwill for solving problems and improving the world offers a much more sustainable path to success rather than selfish aims for short-term success,” says Juhana.

The fellows weren’t the only ones who learnt from the workshop. The open discussions helped us touch base with young minds and their innovative ideas. We at Nightingale also grew as entrepreneurs.