Finding inspiration in Florence

From her stress on handwashing to the use of data to assess healthcare outcomes, Florence Nightingale’s relevance cannot be understated, especially now as we battle against the pandemic. So, to commemorate her 200th, we thought of sharing 200 remarkable stories from her life starting this week, hoping that she inspires others too as she has inspired us here at Nightingale. 

Although the first thing that most associate with Florence Nightingale is nursing, we chose to be called Nightingale as our mission, passion and values truly resonate with what Florence stood for — challenging old methods to find better ways and innovating with data and science to improve the health of all. 

Bringing change with data and science 

‘The lady with the lamp’ was much more than just a caring soul for the wounded. Despite the popular portrayal of her as a slender figure doing rounds of the hospitals during the Crimean war, she was quite a rebel. 

Florence was a statistician who challenged the traditional ways and transformed modern medicine to save countless lives. Instead of taking medical interventions as the only solution, she used data to introduce better hygiene and nursing practice for disease prevention. Florence popularised visual data mapping, infographics and effectively used graphical presentations of statistical data to better healthcare for all.  

Preventive health for all 

Florence’s work started in the military bases but changed healthcare norms worldwide. 

Nightingale is on a similar path, as we bring together the best of medical science and data to be able to predict and prevent chronic diseases. And giving this power of prevention directly into people’s hands, we’re reinventing the preventative health-scape. Going back to our roots, it is only befitting that the Nightingale bird’s Finnish name translates to “representing many voices” — an inclusive innovation that aims to make lifelong health possible for all.  

In this journey, we hope to keep getting inspired by Florence. Therefore, to commemorate her 200th birthday, we are launching the “200 stories with Florence” content series. The idea is to share 200 exceptional moments from Florence Nightingale’s life with you on our social media channels in the coming days. We hope, like us, others too can get to know her a little more and get inspired by her story.