New publication: Quantitative Serum NMR Metabolomics in Large-Scale Epidemiology; A Primer on -Omic Technology

A review on Nightingale’s technology ’Quantitative Serum NMR Metabolomics in Large-Scale Epidemiology: A Primer on -Omic Technology’ has recently been published in the American Journal of Epidemiology. The focus of the paper is on large-scale epidemiological applications of NMR metabolomics for quantifying circulating biomarkers.

The review covers the overall experimental characteristics of the high-throughput cost-effective NMR metabolomics platform. It exemplifies the utility of the platform to gain increased molecular understanding of cardiovascular disease and underlying risk factors by joint analyses of multiple independent cohorts. Moreover, the paper provides reflections on study designs and statistical analyses based on experience from a range of applications of metabolic profiling in large cohorts.

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