Nightingale Health accelerates the availability of its at-home blood testing solution by launching an early-access pilot for 10,000 consumers in Finland

Finnish health tech company Nightingale Health Oy (“Nightingale”) today announced that the availability of its pioneering blood test is extending from physical locations also directly to people’s homes. Due to recent innovations discovered in Nightingale’s laboratory R&D, the solution is launching as an early-access pilot in Finland for 10,000 consumers starting in the second quarter of 2021. 

The solution is based on self-collected finger-prick blood sample. Consumer subscribes to the service online and a Nightingale self-collection kit will be shipped directly to the home address. The kit includes everything that is needed to provide the sample. After providing the sample, a return pouch included in the kit is used to ship the sample back to Nightingale’s laboratory.  

Once the sample is received, Nightingale analyses the sample using its pioneering blood-testing technology. Nightingale health data platform is used to provide the results to the customers via an updated Nightingale mobile app including the Nightingale holistic disease risk detection capability. 

The early-access pilot will open for orders in Q2/2021 in Finland and the pilot is estimated to run until the end of 2021. The general availability of the self-collection solution is targeted for H1/2022.  

“Nightingale’s mission is to empower everyone with better health information so that people can better prevent diseases and live healthier lives. We have the technology to make this happen and we need to make it broadly accessible. Extending the availability of our technology also directly to people’s homes is a major milestone in our journey,“ said Teemu Suna, CEO & Founder of Nightingale.  

For further information: 

Teemu Suna  
Founder, CEO, Nightingale Health Oy