Nightingale launches consumer service with Aava Virta at Slush

Photo credit Nightingale Health

We’re excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Aava Virta to launch a brand-new service for consumers in Finland: Virta 360. Virta  360 is a new way to master your future wellbeing by using cutting-edge science  and lifestyle analysis.

The service combines:

  • A comprehensive blood check-up (providing molecular analysis of physical health) 
  • An in-depth online survey (assessing lifestyle habits)

Available for the first time as a service in Finland at Slush, Northern Europe’s largest tech conference, the first 100 customers will have the opportunity to take their blood test at the event.

The blood check-up included in the Virta 360 service summarises a person’s physical health into five key areas, comparing a person’s molecular health with the general population. This physical health assessment uses molecular analysis to uncover future health risks (including heart disease and type 2 diabetes risk), as well as chronic inflammation. The blood check-up only requires a single sample and is based on Nightingale’s award-winning technology, backed up by more than 150 peer-reviewed publications.

“In addition to treating the symptoms and complications of diseases like type 2 diabetes, we should be equipping people with the best possible tools to keep themselves healthier for longer, and making them available at an affordable price,” said Teemu Suna, CEO and Founder, Nightingale Health. “Virta 360 is a health concept for the 21st century. By combining molecular insights related to physical health with advanced digital health applications that measure lifestyle habits, we can better understand a person’s overall health status and allow them to proactively improve their wellbeing.”

“An individual’s wellbeing is influenced by all aspects of their life, from nutrition to personal relationships. These are reflected by changes in a person’s blood, providing an indication of their future wellbeing. Virta 360, for the very first time, allows people to fully understand how their lifestyle habits are impacting their health and provides them with better tools to keep their wellbeing on track,” said Lauri Muhonen, Chief Digital Officer at Aava. 

You can experience Virta 360 this week at Slush 18 (4-5th December) in Helsinki, find our booth close to the Pink stage and Founder stage.

The Virta 360 Blood Test can also be taken at Aava Medical Centre in Kamppi, Helsinki starting from December 10th.