Nightingale retains accreditation and sets new industry standard

FINAS (Finnish Accreditation Service) has approved the continuation of Nightingale’s accreditation status after the annual audit for our quality management system and blood sample analysis. Of course, this wasn’t our first recognition for high-quality standard and credibility. However, it’s a new milestone as this makes Nightingale's lab the first-ever accredited NMR lab to deliver blood test results (like cholesterols, triglycerides, glucose and more) directly to individual consumers.

It was yet another successful audit as Nightingale not only checked the required accreditation criteria but was able to set a new industry standard.

Nightingale has been getting such accreditations and certifications for 3 years now. However, what makes this one a milestone is that this is the first time our blood analysis and health results delivery process for individual customers (My Nightingale) was audited, and it was a success. Not only did we achieve “zero nonconformity” (the industry term for zero regulatory violations/mistakes) for results delivery, this also makes Nightingale labs the only NMR-based blood analysis lab to deliver blood analysis results directly to individuals.

Setting new industry standards

Getting such accreditation is neither easy nor mandatory by law. However, this is an esteemed and important external validation of high-quality and credibility of the service. “This is also an assurance for our customers that the results are traceable to primaries and attunements,” explains our founder and lab director, Pasi Soininen. Meaning, blood analysis using Nightingale’s advanced new technology, is comparable to any other standard lab test and abides by the ‘golden standards’ of clinical chemistry.

The number of health results it can provide from just a single blood sample makes the analysis technology unique. “To get the same number of blood results that Nightingale provides, one would typically have to give multiple blood samples and use different analysis techniques under the routine clinical environment. However, we provide numerous blood test results from just one sample and one run,” explains Pasi.

First-ever NMR blood testing for individuals

Providing blood analysis results directly to individual customers is not very common for accredited laboratories. The only exceptions are the medical labs, where results are first provided to a doctor who reviews them and then forwards them to the individual. This makes My Nightingale service not only a premium technology but also among the very few to provide an end-to-end customer experience starting with blood sample collection to delivery.

“You can say we’re creating an exemplary model as this hasn’t been done before by anyone else,” adds Marjut Vähäheikkilä, head of HSEQ (health, safety, environment and quality).

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