Slush 18: The Future of Health has arrived

Photo credit Slush: Tanu Kallio

This year at Slush, Northern Europe’s largest tech conference, Nightingale (in partnership with Aava Virta) launched a unique health service for consumers: Virta 360

Virta 360 is a new tool to help you master your future wellbeing, combining a cutting-edge blood test with in-depth lifestyle analysis. The blood test included in the Virta 360 service is based on Nightingale’s award-winning technology and summarises a person’s physical wellbeing into five vital areas. This physical wellbeing assessment uses molecular analysis to uncover future health risks (including heart disease and type 2 diabetes risk), as well as measuring chronic inflammation

In his keynote address as part of Slush’s Deeptech Showcase, Nightingale’s CEO, Teemu Suna, explained why it’s necessary to take a broader view when trying to solve the burden of diseases like type 2 diabetes. “We need to change the strategy. Instead of just treating the symptoms and complications of diseases, we need to prevent people from getting sick in the first place. We know that many chronic diseases are directly influenced by lifestyle, but the problem is that it’s very difficult to tell if changes in lifestyle habits are actually making a difference. You can look at yourself in the mirror or measure yourself with a scale, but there’s little evidence that a distinct change in your lifestyle is reducing your risk of developing a certain disease. Nightingale’s technology goes deeper by examining the molecules in your blood to see if they are responding to changes in your living habits, helping you to know what areas of your lifestyle to focus on to improve your health.”

Drawing widespread acclaim, the Virta 360 booth became one of the “must-see” experiences at Slush 18. Among those who visited to discover more were UN Assistant Secretary-General for Strategic Coordination, Fabrizio Hochschild, Former Finnish Prime Minister, Alexander Stubb, Research Director of Helsinki Biobank, Olli Carpen and Slush Founder, Peter Vesterbacka. Both international and local visitors took the opportunity to have their blood test taken directly at the Virta 360 booth. In total, over 200 people received their blood check-up at Slush, selling out all available time slots. 

The Virta 360 blood test can now be taken at Aava Medical Centre in Kamppi, Helsinki

See here to find out more about Virta 360 and experience it for yourself.