Yrjö Närhinen becomes an Investor and Strategic Advisor for Nightingale Health to accelerate its international growth

Nightingale Health Oy (“Nightingale”), a market leader in advanced blood-testing for preventative health solutions, announced today that Mr. Yrjö Närhinen becomes an investor and strategic advisor for Nightingale. This partnership is an important step for Nightingale as the company looks to make its unique blood testing technology available in several international markets.

“We are delighted to have Mr. Närhinen as an investor, but more importantly, we are very honoured to have one of the most experienced healthcare professionals in Europe to support us in taking Nightingale’s technology to global healthcare markets”, says Teemu Suna, Founder and CEO of Nightingale.

Mr. Närhinen is renowned for his work as the CEO of Terveystalo (HEL: TTALO), the largest private healthcare provider in Finland. During his almost 10-year tenure as a CEO, Mr. Närhinen quadrupled the revenue and five-folded the profits of Terveystalo. In 2017, Mr. Närhinen took Terveystalo public in one of the largest ever IPOs in Helsinki Stock Exchange.

“In order to improve healthcare in large scale, we need practical tools that enable early detection and active prevention of chronic diseases. Nightingale’s blood testing technology has the potential of being the game changer in this regard, enabling truly preventative healthcare for people”, says Yrjö Närhinen.

“I want to share my connections and experience in growing major healthcare business with Nightingale’s top management and the Board of directors. They have an unprecedented opportunity to shape the future of global healthcare with their technology”, says Yrjö Närhinen.

“Having Mr. Närhinen as a strategic advisor with an independent perspective will significantly help Nightingale to focus on the most promising international market opportunities. With our proven world-leading technology and exceptional team, we are in an excellent position to rapidly grow our business and continue our journey in helping everyone to live and extend healthy life”, says Teemu Suna, Founder and CEO of Nightingale Health.