Knowing your risk is crucial to combat Covid-19

The new Nightingale Covid Risk test predicts your chances of getting a severe coronavirus infection. Take the blood test to know how you can best protect yourself as well as your community.

Recognizing personal risks enables targeted prevention

The virus manifests differently in different people — from being mild flu-like to fatal. Nightingale’s blood test can identify those among us who face the highest threat. This helps the vulnerable stay more alert, while others can help protect them better.

Fighting the pandemic as a community

Anyone of us can be at high risk. Data says, one in four individuals in the working-age group is at risk of having a severe infection. By knowing your risks, you also know your role in this crisis — to stay safe or contribute to running the society. We can only combat the virus as a community.

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Working safely to keep the economy running

Together, we can help businesses stay open. Based on your results, take the right actions to work safely. If you choose to work from the office, follow the guidelines to slowdown the spread of the virus to create a healthy working environment.

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Based on world’s largest health study

The test has been developed based on findings from a study of 100,000 healthy individuals from the UK Biobank. The scientists identified a unique blood biomarker signature shared by those who developed a severe COVID-19 infection. The test predicts your risk based on how strongly this signature is reflected in your results.

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How it works

Early access to selected companies in Finland. Soon available in more locations and a self-testing option for everyone.

1. Create an account

The Nightingale COVID Risk test is currently available for companies and their employees. If your employer is offering you the blood test, your first step is to create an account.

2. Take the blood test

You can take the blood test at Nightingale Nest Helsinki, our customer blood-testing location or at your company’s premises. Your employer will share with you the exact details.

3. See your results on the COVID Risk App

You will receive a text message on your phone when your results are ready. Download the Nightingale COVID Risk App from the app store to know your risk of severe COVID-19.

Know your personal COVID Risk

Take this unique blood test to know your safety needs.