A new step on your journey towards lifelong health.

Nightingale Home – a health test taken at home.

Nightingale Home service will provide you with unique data about how your body is doing today and where it is headed tomorrow. By taking the test regularly, you’ll be able to observe how changes in your lifestyle change your wellbeing – and rewrite your health trajectory.

Welcome to the future of your health.

One at-home test. Understandable information.

It all starts with a simple sample collection at home.

Your sample is measured with Nightingale's analysis technology under strict quality control. The process provides comprehensive information about your sample.

Nightingale’s AI builds unique models for lifelong health. The models use scientifically validated data to evaluate the state of your health and predict your future health risks as accurately as possible.

Your most recent results and your unique journey are available on your app, where the information is actionable and understandable. We also provide you with recommendations on how to better your health and wellbeing.

A scientifically backed process.

Each sample is examined through Nightingale's technologically advanced method based on nuclear magnetic resonance testing (NMR). With the method we can accurately analyse your blood sample to reveal the current state of your health.

We want you to understand your body. That’s why we turn the data points that we get from our sample analysis into understandable and actionable information that you can interpret without the help of a doctor. Easy-to- understand health information will enable you to make your life richer, healthier and longer.

Our service is based on scientifically validated methods. We analyse your sample in a state-of-the- art laboratory in Finland, and your data is processed transparently.

Changes in your lifestyle will change your results. By tweaking your daily habits and taking the test regularly, you’ll be able to see developments in your results.

Simple sample collection at home.

1.     Your at-home sampling kit will include everything you’ll need for a successful and effortless sampling.

2.     After the sampling, you’ll pack your finger prick sample up and send the package to our lab in Helsinki.

3.      Once we receive your sample by mail, we’ll analyse it and provide you with understandable and actionable health information. Results are delivered to your mobile app.

Information on multiple health areas. So that you can take action and live healthier.

Heart health

Your heart’s current age and your risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Metabolic health

Your resistance to diabetes and other metabolic diseases.

Mind health

Your susceptibility to stress and likelihood of developing more other disorders.


Your resistance to viruses and infectious illnesses.

Buy Nightingale Home

Buy a Nightingale Home gift card for a pre-order price from Yliopiston Apteekki and you will be among the first to get the Nightingale Kit® package in March 2022. Additional information regarding the Terms of Service can be found here and the processing of your personal data here.