Ordering for academia

Nightingale’s NMR-based metabolomics platform provides a comprehensive overview of human metabolism.

On this page, you can find more info on the ordering process for our research customers. Along with a step-by-step guide from order to delivery and Nightingale’s sample handling and shipping process, you can also provide us with details of your project below to receive a quote for our service.

From order to delivery

1. Contact & contract

Let’s discuss the details and make a contract. Full ownership for the metabolite concentration data is provided.

2. Collect & ship

We provide specific instructions on how to handle and ship the samples. Any serum or plasma sample can be profiled, as long as the samples are kept according to standard procedures for lipid testing.

3. Analysis

Over 200 biomarkers are being quantified from the samples. Sample volumes of either 100 µl and 350 µl can be profiled. We return the remaining sample material if agreed in the contract.

4. Download results

We will set up a password protected web page for you, where you can download the results and a visual report of the data.

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