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Based on the world's largest metabolomics initiatives, Nightingale's big data-driven analysis supports all phases of drug development and minimises risks related to drugs throughout their lifecycle.

Nightingale’s big data-driven service

Predicting drug effects

Selecting targets supported by molecular big data have been shown to double the clinical success rates resulting in savings of billions through prevented drug failures. Big data allows confirming intended drug effects and predicting unintended effects predict efficacy in the pre-clinical phase before any R&D investments are made. The approach doesn’t only allow prioritisation of the most prominent targets but also efficacy comparisons to existing drugs.

Transforming clinical trials

Measuring metabolic biomarkers has long been a mainstay of clinical labs. However, complex diseases are often multifaceted and require assessment of various metabolic pathways, rather than a limited menu of standalone biomarkers. Given its ability to capture even subtle changes in metabolite levels, Nightingale’s metabolomics service provides a powerful tool to optimise clinical trial populations and monitor health and track effects of medicinal and lifestyle interventions comprehensively over time.

Personalising treatments

Most diseases show distinct metabolomic signatures. Once these signatures have been determined, they can be used to identify individuals at high risk for disease years before the conditions develop as well as for personalising treatments. Our services enable patient stratification for improved success rates, as well as continuous monitoring of the health state of individuals to ensure the interventions are efficacious.

Verifying findings

The robustness of scientific findings is judged by whether they can be independently reproduced. With big data, findings can be quickly replicated to ensure validity. Nightingale is in a unique position to provide data-driven validation services as it spearheads the world's largest metabolomics initiatives and has access to novel data.

Founded on scientific excellence

Nightingale’s risk prediction service is built on our award-winning, blood testing technology that has been used in over 250 peer-reviewed scientific papers.


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