Nightingale for research

NMR-based metabolomics platform for studies worldwide.

Fueling world-class science

Our platform offers scalable, batch-effect free, comprehensive metabolic analysis to accelerate scientific breakthroughs.

Make novel findings

Our biomarker panel provides a comprehensive view of an individual’s overall health. This data, or a combination of it with other omics, can be used to discover novel associations between different areas of health, evaluate effects of drug and lifestyle interventions.

Validate and replicate

The data is batch-effects free and used by large cohorts worldwide, making it highly suitable for validation and replication studies.

Translate findings into use

Our clinically validated CE-marked biomarkers including ApoA-1, ApoB, routine lipids and glucose help move academic findings to a clinical context, while our additional markers help to further explain the molecular mechanisms associated with chronic diseases.

Our approach


Nightingale’s biomarkers provide a broad view of the host’s overall health by including clinically established and emerging metabolic markers in numerous pathways.

Our technology

Our platform enables fast, scalable and affordable analysis even for large sample sets by utilising NMR technology.


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