Blood Biomarker Analysis

Comprehensive blood metabolite insights to advance your research.

Comprehensive snapshot of the human health

Our blood platform comprises of biomarkers that allow comprehensive research into the interplay of health, lifestyle factors, genetics as well as future disease risk. The platform enables simultaneous quantification of numerous groups of biomarkers, for instance, routine lipids, lipoprotein subclass profiling (with lipid concentrations within 14 subclasses), fatty acid composition and various low-molecular metabolites.

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Advancing research with NMR technology

250 biomarkers from one sample

The biomarkers come as a package and we provide all measurements listed in the blood panel for both sample volumes — 100µl and 350µl. Results are provided in molar concentration units, and are therefore ready for use.

Scalable for sample sets of all sizes

High-throughput technology allows analysis at competitive pricing. The cost is based on the size and volume of the sample sets. The higher the number of samples, the lower the cost of analysis per sample.

Excellent tool for in-depth lipoprotein analysis 

Currently, NMR is the only cost-effective technology to provide a high-throughput broad spectrum analysis of lipoprotein subclasses and lipid compositions. Nightingale's NMR-based blood analysis platform combines routine lipids with 14 lipoprotein subclasses, ApoB and ApoA measurements to provide a deeper perspective on disease etiology, risk prediction and effects of drugs on metabolism.

Featured in world-leading publications
Unmatched advantages

Robust and ready-for-analysis data

Free of batch effects

Automated sample analysis process

Fast and affordable

How it works

1. Request a quote

Send us the sample details for a cost estimate. Our experts are happy to answer all your questions.

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2. Place an order & ship the samples

Fill in the order form and ship your samples to one of our certified labs. No sample preparation is required.

3. Samples are analysed

Samples are analysed in our facility and our proprietary software provides fully quantified results.

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4. Download the results

Download your ready-to-use result files from our delivery portal.

5. Review the results

Consult our scientific experts to understand every detail and get the most out of the data.

What you get

Access to our in-house expertise

Consult our science team anytime regarding the biomarkers, the platform’s applicability, our analysis process and data results.

Robust and ready-for-analysis data

Gain from fully quantified biomarker results that are delivered in absolute concentration units. The data comes with detailed description of the quality of the samples to support the reliability and validity of research results.

Advanced data analysis

As an additional service, our in-house data scientists can provide a full data analysis of the results, based on your chosen variants and the focus of your research.


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