Urine sample shipment

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Urine sample shipment

Sample shipment

What kind of tubes do you accept?

Our laboratory accepts several types of tubes that are commonly used in laboratories to store biological samples. Two key factors are that 1) the tubes have a conical bottom that will allow accurate sample aspiration even if sample volume is low, and 2) the outer diameter of the tube is less than 13 mm, which is required by our automated liquid handlers. Our laboratory prefers that the tubes are closed with screw caps, however, also e.g., 1.5 mL Eppendorf or similar tubes with push caps or snap caps are accepted. All tubes must be clearly marked with a sample ID.

If you prefer to use 96-well plates instead of sample tubes, please make sure to use plates that have U- or V-bottom wells to allow accurate sample aspiration even if sample volume is low. The plates must be sealed with a foil or silicone rubber sealing mat. Leave at least wells A1 and H12 empty for our internal quality control samples when plating your samples. Additionally, also plates or cryotubes in a 96-format that have been individually sealed with a push or screw cap are accepted.

How are the samples shipped to Nightingale’s lab?

Our customers are responsible for arranging the shipment according to instructions provided by us. It is crucial that the samples are kept frozen (-80C) before the shipping and also during the entire period of transportation. To ensure this, a sufficient amount of dry ice must be placed into a Styrofoam box. We will provide the project specific instructions and shipment address and contact information after the order form has been signed.

Do you recommend a courier?

We do not recommend a specific courier, but most important is that the samples are packed in dry ice and the courier’s service contains replenishing the dry ice. We also strongly advise using a temperature logger, as in the unlikely case of a rise temperature it makes it easier to

evaluate the quality of the samples and if they can still be used for metabolomic analyses.

How much does the shipment cost?

This depends on a wide range of factors, such as the courier, package dimensions, services included, etc. Please contact your chosen courier to learn about the cost.

Should we send duplicate samples?

Repeatability over time and absence of batch effects are well-known assets of NMR. In this matter, NMR differs from other metabolomics technologies quite distinctly, mainly because the samples do not undergo any extraction step and the samples are never in contact with the NMR detector. Therefore, there is no need to analyse duplicates.