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Providing molecular insights into health

Nightingale’s comprehensive metabolic profiling provides improved molecular understanding and risk prediction of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

Transforming research on population health

Our metabolomics platform provides a fine-grained snapshot of systemic metabolism. By measuring biomarkers from multiple biological pathways in one go, we provide novel molecular insights into the effects of lifestyle factors, genetic makeup and future disease risk.

Nightingale's biomarker analysis has been used to uncover novel biomarkers and to improve the prediction of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and many other chronic diseases. Our detailed metabolic profiling also enables the study of molecular signatures for established risk factors, as well as the effects of dietary and drug interventions. There are currently over 100 scientific publications that have successfully applied our method.

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Creating more with less

Whereas the cost structure of traditional clinical chemistry is often too high for broad biomarker profiling, our platform makes comprehensive biomarker profiling affordable for biobanks and cohorts studies of any scale. Our blood analysis platform provides over 220 biomarkers in a single experiment. Amino acids, fatty acids, glycolysis metabolites, and lipoprotein subclasses can be obtained simultaneously, along with routine clinical lipid measures.

Over 220 biomarkers per sample for the same price of routine lipid measurements.


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Nightingale’s method

Our NMR-based platform combines low cost with high scalability to any number of samples, providing fast delivery times. Our comprehensive biomarker profiling vastly increases the value of any blood sample collection and provides financial benefits by removing the need for redundant routine measurements.

Blood sample collection

Blood sample collection

Nightingale's analysis can acquire biomarker measurements from any native serum or plasma sample that have been collected and kept according to standard procedures for lipid testing.

Automated NMR measurement

Automated NMR measurement

Metabolites are quantified in absolute concentrations (e.g. mmol/l) so that biomarkers can be analyzed like any other clinical chemistry data. The fully automated NMR-based biomarker quantification provides superior repeatability (CV%) compared to mass spectrometry methods and is coupled with certified quality control.

Data analysis

Data analysis

The metabolites are quantified in absolute concentrations (e.g. mmol/l) and the biomarkers can be analysed like any other clinical chemistry data.

Biomarker concentrations

Biomarker concentrations

Whilst Nightingale's biomarker analysis produces a full set of biomarkers for every sample, we can tailor your results. Analyses can be focussed on individual biomarkers, single metabolic pathways, or a fully comprehensive metabolic profile.


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