Nightingale’s biomarker analysis

New Standard in Blood Testing

Nightingale’s biomarker analysis platform is the world-leading solution for comprehensive metabolic profiling. With a single blood test, it offers over 220 metabolic biomarkers for chronic diseases with an unmatched price level.

Scalable by design

Scalable by design

Nightingale’s biomarker analysis platform is designed from scratch to transform population medicine. It combines low-cost and high scalability by measuring a high number of biomarkers from a single blood sample. Compared to the current lipid tests, up to 50x more biomarkers are obtained with an unmatched price level. The technology scales to any number of samples, providing fast delivery times.


Over 220 biomarker measures

Nightingale’s biomarker analysis platform covers both routine lipid measures and a wealth of emerging predictive and diagnostic disease biomarkers. Amino acids, fatty acids, glycolysis metabolites, and lipoprotein subclasses are obtained simultaneously with routine clinical lipid measures. The biomarkers give unprecedented insight into human metabolism while also reflecting different aspects of health and disease.

Overview of biomarkers

Accurate and automated technology

Nightingale’s analysis acquires the biomarker measurements using automated sample preparation, NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) and sophisticated data analysis. The results are delivered in absolute concentrations (mmol/l) with Nightingale’s proprietary software.

Scientific overview of Nightingale’s technology

This is how it's done


1. Serum or plasma samples

Nightingale’s analysis can acquire the biomarker measurements from any native serum or plasma which have been collected and kept according to standard procedures for lipid testing. Sample volumes of either 100 μl or 350 μl can be profiled for the same set of biomarkers for each sample.


2. Sample preparation

Minimal sample processing is performed by transferring serum or plasma samples into NMR measurement tubes and mixing solvent to them. The blood sample is never in direct contact with the NMR detector. This results in cost-effectiveness and unrivaled stability and robust biomarker quantification with no batch effects.


3. NMR measurement and data analysis

Nightingale’s biomarker platform uses Proton NMR spectroscopy to quantify over 200 metabolic biomarker measures per blood sample with a single experiment. Fully automated sample changing, accurate temperature control and advanced NMR spectroscopy yield robust spectral data for analysis.

4. Biomarker concentrations

Biomarkers are delivered in absolute concentrations (mmol/l), offered by Nightingale’s proprietary bioinformatics software with integrated quality control. No expertise in metabolomics is required: the biomarkers can be analysed like any other clinical chemistry data.

Proven by world-class science

Science is the foundation of our blood analysis technology. With over 400 000 blood samples analysed, and results published in over 100 scientific publications, the quality and value of our technology has been openly evaluated and demonstrated.

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Transforming prevention of chronic diseases

For research
For Research

Multiple metabolic pathways measured in one go.

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For Healthcare

Extensive biological data to routine blood testing.

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