Over 220 biomarker measures

Nightingale’s biomarker analysis platform provides an unprecedented opportunity for improved molecular understanding and risk prediction of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.


Comprehensive profiling for academia and R&D

Nightingale’s biomarker platform offers novel insights into the mechanisms of chronic diseases and enables improved risk prediction. The platform quantifies over 220 metabolic measures per blood sample in a single experiment. The molar concentrations of amino acids, fatty acids, glycolysis metabolites, and lipoprotein subclasses are obtained simultaneously together with the clinically used standard lipids.


The biomarker data can be analyzed by focusing on individual measures (e.g. omega 3) and single pathways (e.g. fatty acid balance) or provide a comprehensive snapshot of the metabolic health state of an individual. The biomarker data can be meta-analyzed across multiple studies and combined with conventional clinical phenotypes, other ‘omics data and disease outcome information.

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Affordable rapid profiling

Nightingale’s biomarker analysis platform combines low-cost with high scalability. The analysis scales to any number of samples, providing fast delivery times. The comprehensive profiling vastly increases the value of any blood sample collection and provides financial benefits by removing the need for redundant routine measurements.


Accurate quantification in absolute concentrations

NMR spectroscopy and tailor-made quantification models ensure superior repeatability compared to mass spectrometry methods with no batch-to-batch variation. The quantitative biomarker data delivered in absolute concentrations can be used like any other blood test measure and matches routine clinical chemistry.

Scientific overview of Nightingale’s technology

Proven by world-class science

Nightingale’s biomarker analysis platform is used in world-leading epidemiological and genetic studies. Nightingale has delivered the world’s largest metabolic profiling project to global leaders in epidemiology research. There are over 100 scientific publications using Nightingale’s technology and already hundreds of thousands of samples analyzed.

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