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Urine biomarkers

Urine biomarkers

Which biomarkers are included in the panel?

Our panel contains 54 biomarkers from the following subgroups: amino acids, dietary metabolites, fluid balance, glycolysis related metabolites, ketone bodies, microbial metabolism and others. For a full list of all available markers, please see this page. Also please note that we are solely providing this full panel for urine samples with no tailoring possible.

How were the biomarkers selected?

The metabolites were selected based on feasibility for automated quantification in high-throughput NMR spectroscopy. This approach emphasises metabolites at high abundance in urine, and those which generate minimal signal overlap in the proton NMR spectrum. As such, the metabolite selection was not based on prior biological relevance of the selected metabolites or emphasis of certain metabolic pathways.

How were the biomarkers validated?

The scientific literature on NMR signals for high-abundance metabolites in urine was used to assign metabolites in NMR data. The metabolite identifications have further been confirmed with spiking and concentrations calibrated using standard addition.

Are there going to be more markers added to the panel?

At the moment there are no near future plans to extend the biomarker coverage of our urine analysis technology.

What is the price?

NMR is a highly cost-efficient method and due to the possible high throughput, the price per sample is strongly depending on the full sample number. Up to project volumes of 1000 samples, there is a fixed price, which steadily drops with higher total sample numbers. Please use the contact form on the bottom of our urine biomarker analysis page for receiving a quote for your specific project.