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The Nightingale flock is enabling preventative health by connecting the dots between medical research and new technology. We're all about people who, rather than just repeat and secure the old, want to create something new; people who love to learn more to be able to build something better, something meaningful.

Enabling tech for good.

Nightingale was founded to create something significant and make a real difference. We brought together the learnings from medical science and data to build a revolutionary technology that detects early disease risks and enables preventive care.

Bringing preventive health within everyone's reach.

Even as we’ve grown, leaving global footprints, our diverse bunch at Nightingale still shares the passion for creating something meaningful. It's this passion to help people live healthier lives, that inspires us to push boundaries, set impossible goals and realise them too.

One mission, many roles.

Our journey towards bringing preventive health accessible for everyone has only just begun. Our team comprises of people from various backgrounds—data scientists, software developers, marketing and salespeople, designers (we even have a chef)—all striving towards empowering people live healthier lives.