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Nightingale is building a new health-creation system. One that predicts, prevents and averts illnesses by building on scientific evidence, and turning learnings of one into knowledge for everyone.
Nightingale Health
Solving a global health crisis
Chronic diseases are a leading cause of death, claiming millions of lives every year. The irony is that 80% of these health conditions, including heart disease and type 2 diabetes, are preventable through lifestyle changes. While we know the answer to this global crisis is preventive care, the current healthcare system is pressed to take care of the sick, focusing primarily on treatment.
Change through technology
Our technology gives a much broader view of a person's health from a single blood sample, compared with a standard blood test. Using this technology, we have gathered a myriad of data points from nearly a million samples. This data is backed by years of scientific research, connecting chronic diseases to the effects of lifestyle interventions. Combining technology and science, our blood test can predict the health state and risk of developing chronic diseases up to 10 years in advance. With this foresight into a person’s health, we give people the opportunity to take corrective steps and avoid illnesses.
From research to everyone
Our technology has fuelled world-class research for almost a decade. Founded on scientific knowledge, we bring preventive care to everyone. We give people the power to understand how their lifestyle choices affect their health and governments the tools to keep their citizens healthy. We are building a new "health-creation" system that is designed to abolish chronic diseases by predicting, preventing and averting them.
Team members
Partnering institutions
Teemu Suna
CEO, Founder
Antti Kangas
CTO, Founder
Satu Saksman
COO, Co-founder
Minja Salmio
Chief Legal Officer
Peter Würtz, PhD
Scientific Director, Founder
Pasi Soininen, PhD
Laboratory Director, Founder
Board of directors
Teemu Suna
Chairman of Board, Founder
Antti Kangas
Member of Board, Founder
Juha Pöysä
Member of Board, Co-founder
Olli Karhi, MD
Member of Board
Juha-Pekka Nuutinen, PhD
Member of Board
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