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Technology that helps to create healthier nations.

Nightingale's technology has the transformative ability to simultaneously detect multiple disease risks for chronic diseases utilizing just a single blood sample. When adopted in healthcare, the technology replaces many routinely used disease risk detection tools with a more efficient and scalable approach while also saving healthcare professionals’ time. This efficiency translates to a more focused and preventative health system benefiting everyone. When the technology on applied in national scale, it provides a simple and effective roadmap towards improved national health.

Technology that turns the logic of blood testing better for everyone.

Over a century ago, the concept of blood testing was developed to analyze individual markers in the blood, aiming to identify the presence of specific diseases. While this method remains effective for diagnosing already manifested diseases, it inherently lacks the ability to thoroughly screen for the risk of multiple diseases in a holistic manner. Nightingale's technology introduces an improved approach to disease risk detection. It captures a comprehensive array of blood markers from each sample and refines this data into a multi-disease risk assessment. This advanced risk assessment is conducted with every sample, every time, providing a more effective and inclusive approach for everyone.

Groundbreaking combination of biotechnology and machine learning = the world’s most advanced disease risk detection.

Nightingale's Health Check is the result of integrating several internally developed core technologies into one innovative tool. The first component involves Nightingale's proprietary high-throughput clinical laboratory method, which employs nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy for measuring blood samples.

The second component consists of an in-house algorithm that utilizes advanced machine learning techniques to transform the spectral data obtained from the NMR method into a comprehensive set of blood markers commonly used in medical practice. These blood markers are integrated with the world's largest health outcome datasets that Nightingale has measured around the world. This integration enables the computation of disease risk models.

These core technologies power Nightingale's Health Check — the most advanced risk detection tool in the world.

The only 'omic technology in large-scale clinical use.

Nightingale's technology is build ground-up for large scale healthcare use. Over the past decade Nightingale has differentiated its technology from many other ’omics technologies to enable use in nationwide primary healthcare applications. This journey has made Nightingale’s technology the only solution in the world that brings the benefits of novel ’omic technology to large-scale clinical use. These benefits bring the advanced disease risk detection available from every measured blood sample while saving time for healthcare professionals, pushing cost down in health system and utilizing existing skills of clinicians without need for extensive training — this is why Nightingale’s technology is already adopted in nationwide healthcare use. 

World-leading scientific and clinical validation for preventative health applications.

Sustainable innovation in medicine relies on scientific scrutiny. Since its inception, Nightingale's technology has undergone thorough examination by leading medical scientists worldwide. Utilized by more than 200 medical research organizations in over 30 countries, the technology has been applied to over two million samples. Over 600 peer-reviewed publications attest to the effectiveness of Nightingale's technology. With this extensive dataset, there is no comparable technology globally with equivalent scientific and clinical evidence.

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