Nightingale Health is aiming to solve the world’s biggest health issue.


Solving chronic diseases

Health issues related to chronic diseases are a significant global issue. The annual healthcare costs of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and diabetes account to over 1.6 trillion dollars. To switch focus, from reactive disease management to proactive health maintenance, we need comprehensive and affordable health data.


Health data from blood

Having detailed molecular-level data is an essential tool for predicting and preventing chronic diseases. Until now, extensive data hasn't been made available to the people that need it - the researchers, healthcare professionals and drugs companies on the frontline in our battle against chronic diseases. Our blood analysis platform challenges the status quo by providing comprehensive and affordable metabolic data.

Combining high tech and low cost

Our blood analysis platform combines detailed health data with affordable running costs. Unlike comparable technologies, our platform provides over 220 biomarkers from a single blood sample, a major advantage when compared to the handful of biomarkers captured by routine blood cholesterol tests.


Used in world-class science

Our blood analysis service is widely used in research to advance the molecular understanding of chronic disease development and improve prediction of disease onset. Nightingale's metabolomics technology has been featured in over 170 peer-reviewed publications, with our collaborators including world's leading universities and medical institutions.

Tailored for the clinical setting

Accurate prediction is key to preventing chronic diseases before they develop. Our blood analysis service is built on a foundation of scientific evidence and has been designed with a healthcare setting in mind. Nightingale’s technology makes identifying chronic diseases easier and more affordable – enabling preventative healthcare for all.

Adding value to drug development

Metabolic profiling enhances drug target identification and validation by uncovering a comprehensive picture of drug target interactions across human metabolism - even at the preclinical stage. Nightingale’s metabolomics technology is ideal for tracking molecular changes and examining the metabolic effects of interventions during clinical trials.


University of Toronto
University of Helsinki
University of Jyväskylä
The School of Public Health at The University of Hong Kong
Open Medicine Institute
Murdoch Children's Research Institute
Clinical Research Services Turku

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