Nightingale Health

Nightingale Health is a blood analysis company enabling preventive healthcare

By unlocking health data at the molecular level, we aim to help solve the world's greatest health challenge - chronic diseases.


Why better health data is needed

Chronic diseases are on the rise globally. The annual costs of cardiovascular disease and diabetes account to over 1.3 trillion dollars worldwide, 0.6% of the world’s GDP. If we want to keep people healthy, a new approach is needed. We believe that just treating the symptoms of chronic diseases is not enough, we need to be able to predict and prevent them from developing in the first place.


Our prediction will lead to prevention

Having detailed molecular-level data is essential to be able to predict and prevent chronic diseases. Until now extensive data hasn't been made available to the people that really need it - the researchers, healthcare professionals and drugs companies on the frontline in our battle against chronic diseases. Our blood analysis platform challenges the status quo, empowering others by providing them with rich metabolic data.

Nightingale’s approach

Our blood analysis platform combines detailed molecular data with affordable running costs. In routine clinical practice, typically only five biomarkers are captured to diagnose and treat chronic diseases - our platform provides over 220 biomarkers measured from a single blood sample.


Used in world-class science

Our blood analysis service is widely used in research to advance the molecular understanding of chronic disease development and improve prediction of disease onset. Our platform has been featured in over 100 peer-reviewed publications, with our collaborators including the world's leading universities and medical institutions.

Enabling preventive healthcare

Our blood analysis platform has been designed with a healthcare setting in mind, with scientific evidence growing to demonstrate its clinical benefits. The more our technology is utilized and data generated, the stronger its predictive power will become. Accurate prediction is the key to preventing diseases before they develop. We believe our platform will help usher in a new era of proactive and sustainable healthcare.

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