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Blood test and app to know details about your health that were previously unavailable. Technology used by the world’s leading scientists, now in your pocket.

Introducing My Nightingale

Your daily lifestyle  – diet, exercise, sleep, stress – impact your wellbeing. My Nightingale blood test and app provide a three-tier view of your health and help find a lifestyle that leads to lifelong health. 

Available now in Helsinki.

What's included in the blood test results
How it works

1. Book a visit and take the blood test

Start with buying a package. Then pick a date and time for a blood draw at Nightingale Nest Helsinki.

2. Track results on the My Nightingale app

Discover multiple aspects of your health, from fatty acid balance to inflammation, and learn which areas to focus on.

3. Follow-up and see progress

Receive objective feedback with regular follow-up tests that help you find a lifestyle that helps you stay healthy.

Pricing and packages

All our packages include more than one blood test so that you can always follow up.

Get the starter package for 79€

Includes 2 blood tests: baseline and follow-up. Blood draw takes place at Nightingale Nest Helsinki. Results are delivered via My Nightingale app.

Coming soon

Annual subscriptions to follow your health on a regular basis. Stay tuned.

Now in Helsinki - soon worldwide

Available in Helsinki - expanding soon

Experience the new look and feel of a blood draw now in Helsinki. Opening in more locations soon.

Buy My Nightingale and visit us

Use Nightingale Kit anywhere

Painless and remote blood-testing experience available soon. Get notified via email.

Get started with My Nightingale

Take the revolutionary blood test. Currently available in Helsinki and in more locations soon.