This is far from your standard blood test.

Introducing your new health routine: take the My Nightingale blood test regularly to follow your health.

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Stay healthy with My Nightingale.

My Nightingale blood test and app break down your health into a personalised health index, 6 health indicators and 17 biomarkers that make it easy to follow your health.

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1. Book your blood draw

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2. Visit Nightingale Nest to give blood sample

Give your blood sample and enjoy a complimentary breakfast afterwards.

3. Track results on the My Nightingale app

Discover multiple aspects of your health and receive objective feedback with a free follow-up test.

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Starter package 79€

• Includes 2 blood tests: baseline and a free follow-up.

• Blood draw at Nightingale Nest Helsinki.

Results delivered via My Nightingale app.

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What's in the results?

Nightingale Health Index

This is your health status in one score.

Nightingale Health Index (NHI) is affected by your lifestyle, including diet, exercise, sleep and stress levels. Small changes in these routines can improve your NHI and help aim for lifelong health.

Health indicators

The six indicators highlight different areas of your health.

Each of the six health indicators is affected by different lifestyle choices. For example, eating healthy fats improves the fatty acid balance whereas jogging lowers your heart age.

Read more about Health indicators


The six health indicators are further broken down into nearly 20 individual blood values – biomarkers. This enables you to learn even deeper facts about your blood and health.

Read more about Biomarkers

“The results were much easier to understand than a standard lab blood report. The nice visuals made it simple to read and understand what these numbers meant.” 

- Liina, 26


“I wasn’t familiar with how ApoB and ApoA1 markers affect heart health. I was only looking at cholesterol levels before. Now, I'll exercise more and see how my results change.”

- Jari, 49

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