This is far from your standard blood test.

Introducing your new health routine: take the My Nightingale test regularly to get a comprehensive picture of health and to measure the effects of lifestyle changes.

Piloting now in Helsinki.

Now you can understand your deepest health metrics.

With My Nightingale blood test and app, track over 20 results to easily understand your current health, get research-based insights to improve different areas of your wellbeing and use the free follow-up test to see the progress you are making.

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Why My Nightingale

Comprehensive view of health

Get an overview of current health status to see which areas are doing well and which could be better. Receive research-based advice on how to improve results.

Feedback that keeps you going

My Nightingale includes a free follow-up test that helps to see the effects of big and small lifestyle changes. Positive feedback keeps up the motivation to stick with your health routines.

More healthy years

Positive changes are not only visible in test results, but will make you feel good. Taking care of health gives more energy for everyday life and prevents future illnesses.

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1. Book your blood draw

Buy a package and pick a date and time for a blood draw at Nightingale Nest Helsinki.

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2. Visit Nightingale Nest to give blood sample

Give your blood sample and enjoy a complimentary breakfast afterwards.

3. Track results on the My Nightingale app

Discover multiple aspects of your health and receive objective feedback with a free follow-up test.

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Starter package 109 €

• Includes 2 blood tests: baseline and a free follow-up.

• Blood draw at Nightingale Nest Helsinki.

Results delivered via My Nightingale app.

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What's in the results?

Results are delivered from a single blood sample in an easy-to-understand format. You will also get advice on how to improve each result.

Nightingale Health Index

This is your health status in one score.

Nightingale Health Index (NHI) is affected by your lifestyle, including diet, exercise, sleep and stress levels. Small changes in these routines can improve your NHI and help aim for lifelong health.

Read more about the Health Index

Health indicators

The six indicators highlight different areas of your health.

Each of the six health indicators is affected by different lifestyle choices. For example, eating healthy fats improves the fatty acid balance, whereas jogging lowers your heart age.

Read more about Health indicators


The six health indicators are further broken down into 17 individual blood values – biomarkers. This enables you to learn even deeper facts about your blood and health.

Read more about Biomarkers
From our users

Jari, 49

"Standard lab reports are just fluctuating numbers. My Nightingale app visuals gave me a clear understanding of health and helped me find ways to improve my wellbeing."

Douglas, 32

"Now, I can see exactly how my diet affects my body and if it's taking my health in the right direction."

Merja, 49

"I have always thought that I eat plenty of good fats but the My Nightingale test showed that my intake wasn't high enough."

Petteri, 50

"I simply increased the amount of exercise after the first test and was able to improve my Health Index from good to excellent."

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