Share information


Share information

Share performance  

Nightingale Health Plc’s share capital is EUR 80,000. Nightingale has issued 60,881,737 fully paid shares, of which 22,179,668 are Series A shares, 37,219,489 are Series B shares and 1,482,580 are EMP shares, which are employee shares. 

Nightingale has three series of shares, which carry different voting rights in the company and different rights to distribution of funds. Series A shares entitle the holder to 10 votes at Nightingale’s General Meeting of Shareholders. Series B shares entitle the holder to one vote at the General Meeting of Shareholders. The dividends that will be paid to Series B shares will be five per cent higher than those paid to Series A shares and EMP shares. The aforementioned preference only concerns the payment of dividends, no other distribution of assets or capital distribution. EMP shares, which are employee shares, are non-voting shares, and the holder of an EMP share is not entitled to a vote at the general meeting of shareholders. The shares have no nominal value.

The company holds 577,920 EMP shares representing approximately 1 percent of the total number of the company’s shares. Shares held by the company carry no voting rights and no entitlement to dividends.

The shares were entered into the Finnish electronic book-entry securities system maintained by Euroclear Finland on 4 March 2021. The ISIN codes of the share series are

  • FI4000490867 (Series A shares),
  • FI4000490875 (Series B shares), and
  • FI4000490883 (EMP shares).

Trading of the Series B shares on Nasdaq First North Growth Market Finland under the trading code “HEALTH” commenced on 19 March 2021.

Consent, redemption and conversion clauses

Nightingale’s Articles of Association include consent, redemption and conversion clauses with respect to the Series A shares and EMP shares in the company.

More information about the share classes as well as the consent, redemption and conversion clauses is available in the Articles of Association.