Nightingale Health’s mission is to bring lifelong health within everyone’s reach.

In enabling lifelong health, it is important to make people more aware of their own health and potential disease risks and provide them with tools for regularly monitoring and maintaining their health. Monitoring the impacts of lifestyle changes on health helps determine the best lifestyle for each individual to help them gain as many healthy years as possible.

By combining our proprietary blood analysis technology, real-life information on disease outcomes contained in global health data repositories, and medical research findings, Nightingale Health can offer more than traditional health and wellbeing monitoring tools. The company provides health metrics that have a direct connection to future disease risks and can predict the number of healthy years.

With Nightingale Health’s technology, anyone can gain a comprehensive picture of their health from a blood sample taken at home. Thanks to at-home testing and affordable pricing, as many people as possible can use the company’s technology for yearly checks and continuous monitoring of personal health. Thus, Nightingale Health can create a more equal foundation for the realization of preventative health.

Business model

Nightingale Health has a two-part business model: cooperation with health and wellbeing service providers and reaching consumers directly.

1. Cooperation with health and wellbeing service providers

Nightingale Health’s blood analysis identifies individual risks of disease and connects customers to partners’ services, enabling disease prevention. The company can invoice its partners as follows:

  • Payment for analyzed samples
  • Payment for identifying risks of disease
  • Payment for referring customers
  • Share of achieved additional sales

2. Reaching consumers directly

Nightingale Health provides individual health insights via the Livit by Nightingale Health app, enabling disease prevention. The company can invoice consumers as follows:

  • Payment for home tests
  • Payment for more detailed health information
  • Payment for subscriptions

Business targets

Business targets for the financial year 2022–2023

Nightingale Health’s business targets for financial year 2022–2023 are:

Win a significant commercial contract in the public healthcare sector

  • The contract enables tapping into major existing blood sample volumes and bringing Nightingale Health prevention tools to public health.

Win B2B commercial contract(s) with more than 50,000 blood samples

  • The contract(s) enables tapping into major existing blood sample volumes and demonstrating Nightingale Health’s unique value creation capability in disease prevention.

Win contract(s) in medical research with more than 175,000 blood samples

  • The contract(s) enables tapping into major blood sample volumes and delivering strong impact of Nightingale Health’s technology to advance global medical science.

Nightingale Health launched the Livit at-home testing consumer service in spring 2022 and the service is available in selected markets. The development of the consumer business will continue to be a key focus area in the company’s strategy. The company will release financial targets for the consumer business later when there is more data available for the forecast.

Additionally, Nightingale Health will continue to pursue the FDA 510k approval, which will broaden company’s B2B offering to diagnostic applications in the US.

In addition to the targets set for the financial year 2022‒2023, Nightingale Health has medium- and long-term targets that are described on Nightingale Health’s website. The mentioned targets remain unchanged.

Nightingale Health's near-term business targets published in connection with the IPO

  • Sign a partnership agreement with an established health service provider (accomplished in April 2021)
  • Conclude an agreement to analyze at minimum 75,000 samples (accomplished in February 2021)
  • Complete the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) approval
  • Launch a new version of the company’s mobile application (accomplished in March 2022)
  • Granted the information security certification ISO27001 (accomplished in January 2021)

Nightingale Health's mid-term business targets

  • Conclude an agreement to analyze two million samples annually in Europe
  • Conclude an agreement to analyze ten million samples annually in the United States or in Asia
  • to extend its laboratory capacity in respective geographical areas to meet the analysis capacity required by the aforementioned agreements

Nightingale Health's long-term business targets

  • Provide health data to 100 million users through partnerships with HSPs and health initiatives and through direct-to-consumer sales of home-testing
  • Generate EUR 500 annual million in revenue from its partnerships with HSPs and from direct-to-consumer sales of in-application purchases